Walter Sternlieb’s A is for Art Gallery Opens in Southampton

Lillian Langtry
4 min readAug 26, 2021

Gallery Opening Hosted the Hamptons Launch of HiWave

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Southampton is now home to A is for Art. Modern American artist and designer, Walter Sternlieb, has opened the Hampton’s hottest new gallery, and it is part of the village’s strong legacy with backing of curated collaborations in the community. Walter celebrated the opening at 60 Jobs Lane in Southampton, NY with cocktails amongst friends and art enthusiasts. The opening coincided with the launch of Philip Greenwald’s HiWave, the in-Person Networking phone sticker.

Some notable attendees included: A is for Art Gallery owner Walter Sternlieb, creator & CEO of HiWave Philip Greenwald, Jean Shafiroff, Leesa Rowland, Larry Wohl, Debbie Sroka, Neil Sroka, Bruce Lewin, Joseph Greenwald, Linda Greenwald, Alana Galloway, Jolie Moray, Sara Herbert-Galloway, Liz Lazar, Eduardo Sanchez, Sharon Joseph, Lockie Andrews, Sara Davidson, Amleto Mazza, Jan Juran, Adele Nino.

Located at 60 Jobs Lane, A is for Art brings to life the prolific vision of Walter Sternileib, who is known out east as a respected designer, builder, woodworker, and master craftsman. Now his latest title as industrial artist will only further plant his applaudable achievements.

A is for Art Opening ©Rob Rich Society Allure

His charismatic work on display was brought forth by ingenuity and creativity.

“I woke up one morning with this idea of a 3-dimensional flag, made a prototype of it, then built it, painted it and hung it,” states Walter.

The specific vision of the then novice artist led to a series that includes his iconic pieces “The Staircase,” and “5 Hearts.” Eventually he established a professional portfolio that was so large it took up all of his wall space in his home where he displayed pieces. The colorful collection impressed visiting friends and fans and eventually led to thoughts of opening up a gallery to showcase his work.

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Walter’s expressive 3-dimensional paintings encompass powerful expressions full of rich color and bold design. The bright shapes are pops of color that bring bliss to anyone who uses them as part of the design of a home or office space.

The dazzling and virtuosic collection comes from a special place in Walter’s personal history that many can relate to and why his artwork stands out as a popular choice to art collectors.

For more information, please call (516) 356–1191 or visit the gallery in Southampton at 60 Jobs Lane.

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