Luxury Interior Designs with Gale Sitomer

Lillian Langtry
2 min readJan 28, 2020
Gale Sitomer

Gale Sitomer is among the leaders evolving the business model and practice of contemporary interior design services. Whilst for many clients, the experience of achieving a customized and unique feel to their home involves identifying, finding and managing an architect, construction contractor, interior designer, decorators and so forth, Gale is positioning herself as the design and integration authority at the core of any successful home redesign, bringing together everything the Client needs to achieve their goal and minimize the stresses associated with the undertaking.

Gale’s inspiration for this unique approach is underpinned by her professional evolution from highly successful careers in both fashion and event production. Her passion was ignited while supervising the design and construction details of her own residences and workplace, which in turn unlocked talent for interior design.

Gale’s design aesthetic, which she believes to be equally applicable in either a residential or commercial environment is on timeless design, balancing subtle color, comfort and functionality. She also emphasizes Space planning, architectural elements and lighting, which to her are as integral to the interior design process as furniture, fabric and color.

Whether she is meeting the demands of a New York City retail boutique, commercial showroom space, a city apartment or townhouse, a ski house, or a beachfront retreat in the Hamptons, Gale’s approach to meeting the needs of her clients is as consistent as their endorsement of her work.

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